We are hands-on-specialist for demanding marketing-and sales-tasks.

We not only advise but also implement what we have worked out together with our customers. Strategy development and leading operations are the most booked modules from our portfolio.

Our main skills are:

• Introducing new product and services to the market

• Revitalization of traditional brands and offers

Analysis and optimization of the recent marketing strategy plus restructuring and leading sales operations help to create quickest possible improvement of revenues and to position your product / service in your targeted market.

Premium retail concept

Labeled with our own brand THE FLEMISH CAP we have installed a premium-retail-concept for e-bikes and racebikes. In Tutzing at Lake Starnberg (south of Munich) you will find a puristic ambience for premium-products with an open workshop-area. We are the first and up to now only shop with the id match BikeLab, the actually  most modern and best bikefitting system.